Discover the Essence of Nature in Every Drop

In the heart of the misty mountains of northern Nicaragua, Melimiel is born,
a young, exclusive and exceptional brand dedicated to

offer natural and nutritious products, given by the tireless work of our bees.

Commitment to

Our beekeepers, guided by unwavering dedication, meticulously tend the apiaries to harvest the delicate Melimiel multifloral honey.

Authentic Origins

Melimiel extracts its wonderful honey from hives located in the northern part of Nicaragua. Surrounded by black wood, guásimo, elequeme, deer leg, strawberry tree, carao and campanita, the hives capture the unique flavors of each season.

Clear Honey: From strawberry tree, guásimo, elequeme and campanita.

Dark Honey: With the distinctive aroma of black wood, carao and carao.

    Value added

    Melimiel stands out for its purity, freshness and authenticity. Each drop reveals charming properties that resonate on the palate, the result of a careful preservation process throughout the year. We comply with rigorous quality regulations, including CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, BPA and GMP.

    Why choose melimiel?

    Because by consuming it, you will experience multiple benefits for your physical and emotional health. We act as a natural antibiotic, antioxidant, rich in flavonoids and antiviral properties, enhancing both your physical and emotional abilities.

    Melimiel honey reveals a palette of unique colors, aromas and flavors, influenced by the varied flowering that embraces our natural environment in each season.
    Embark on a journey of relaxation, remember the freshness of native nature and discover the unique essence of Melimiel in every drop.

    With Melimiel, nature is found in every drop of honey!